Agrasen Ki Baoli is located at Harrow Lane, a narrow space, in the vicinity of Hailey Road in Connaught Place. India Gate is located at a distance of two km from here and Jantar Mantar is within a distance of 1.5 km. Thus, among all the baolis of Delhi, this one is the most easily-accessible one. Officially this structure is known as Ugrasen Ki Baoli, as the plaque - made from red sandstone - outside will inform any visitor. However, it has had other names over the years as well. According to a National Archives of India map - made in 1868 by the British - this monument is listed as Oojer Sain's Bowlee. From the design of Agrasen Ki Baoli it seems to have been built during either Lodi era or the later part of the Tughlaq dynasty. Legend, however, says that it was built by Maharaja Agrasen (Emperor according to some). It is said that he lived in Agroha, an ancient town in modern-day Haryana, during the Mahabharata era. He was born presumably in 3124 BCE and may have been Lord Krishna's contemporary. There is also a small mosque in the western corner of the baoli. The mosque's roof is not there - in fact, in old photos and records too, the structure is shown the same way. The columns of the mosque are full of motifs that resemble ones used in Buddhist structures like chaityas - something rather unusual. There are several stories about how the baoli is haunted and it is said that the supposedly-black water over here entices people to commit suicide. However, it is difficult to ascertain the truth of such sayings. In reality the baoli does not have sufficient water and the little water it has is not black at all. However, the lowest part - which was once the well - houses hundreds, if not thousands, of bats. If you walk down the steps that lead to the pit, you will hear the commotion created by them. However, there has been one incident of suicide over here in 2007 which was reported in media. The water at that time was supposed to be 4-5 feet in depth. All these stories however have made the baoli popular and fetched it plenty of attention from the local people.

अग्रसेन की बावली, एक संरक्षित पुरातात्विक स्थल हैं जो नई दिल्ली में कनॉट प्लेस के पास स्थित है। इस बावली में सीढ़ीनुमा कुएं में करीब 105 सीढ़ीयां हैं। 14वीं शताब्दी में महाराजा अग्रसेन ने इसे बनाया था। सन 2012 में भारतीय डाक अग्रसेन की बावली पर डाक टिकट जारी किया गया ।