Lodi Tomb

Tomb of Sikandar Lodi is the tomb of the second ruler of the Lodi Dynasty, Sikandar Lodi (reign: 1489-1517 CE) situated in New Delhi, India. The tomb is situated in Lodhi Gardens in Delhi and was built in 1517-1518 CE by his son Ibrahim Lodi. The monument is situated 100 meters away from the Bara Gumbad and the area in which it is situated was formally called village Khairpur. Sikandar Lodi (born Nizam Khan), was the Sultan of Delhi between 1489 and 1517 CE and was the son of Bahlul Lodi. After the death of this father in 1489, Sikandar Lodhi assumed the reign the same year and ruled until his death in 1517 CE. Upon Sikandar Lodi's death in 1517 CE, his son Ibrahim Lodi built the tomb. The Tomb of Sikandar Lodi was inspired in parts by the tomb of Muhammad Shah which is also situated in the Lodhi Gardens.

सिकंदर लोदी का मकबरा भारत के नई दिल्ली में स्थित लोडी राजवंश सिकंदर लोदी के दूसरे शासक की मकबरा है। मकबरा दिल्ली के लोढ़ी गार्डन में स्थित है और 1517-1518 सीई में अपने बेटे इब्राहिम लोदी द्वारा बनाया गया था।

इस समय बना1517–1518 CE

वास्तु शैलियांइस्लामी वास्तुकला, हिन्दू वास्तुकला